Leverage i5 for iPhone 5/5s

Pin It Fancy

Sophistication Meets
Functional Design

Inspired by high-end watch clasps, the metal latch and lever system allows for easy installation. Flip to open, click in place to close. This is not your conventional iPhone case.


Design Details
Technical Harmony

We pride ourselves with getting the details right.

Sleep/wake and volume buttons are integrated into the case.

Buttons provide crisp tactile feedback.

Cutouts for headphone jack, speaker ports and Lightning connector.

Versitility and Utility

Interchangeable backplates

Arts & Graphics
Create Your Own

Our utility backplates add extra function to your case.

Take advantage of the interchangeble backplate system. Swap out your standard flat backplate with one fit for your lifestyle.

Going out for a run? Pop in the headphone cord wrap backplate so you can listen to your tunes without having to untangle your cables.

Looking for a minimal wallet replacment? Use the credit card holder backplate for the nights where you travel light.

Combine our sleek iPhone protection with function. Utility backplates available separately or bundled with the Leverage i5 case.

Decorative backplates to fit your fashion and mood.

Add patterned and graphical backplates to further personalize your iPhone without having to buy a brand new case.

Collect and swap backplate art to keep your phone fresh!

Leather, wood, and other high end materials provide tactile and visual refinement to your iPhone case. These interchangeable backplates will let your phone stand out in a sea of uninspired cases.

We have interchangeable backplates with graphics designed by your favorite brands and personalities.

We've teamed up with Zazzle to allow you to upload your own photo and have it manufactured onto a backplate. You can also choose from their giant library of art.